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ReconciliAction through Indigenous Trauma-Informed Practice: Concrete Land-based Tools and Approaches

JIBC Theatre
May 31, 2018 1pm - 4pm

Join the JIBC Office of Indigenization in partnership with the Centre for Counselling and Community Safety for this special event.

Within the recent climate of truth and reconciliation, professionals in various fields have come to recognize that the people they work with are deeply impacted by Canada’s colonial history.  In fields as diverse as policing, corrections, child welfare, and education professionals today find themselves working with people, communities, and organizations deeply impacted by intergenerational trauma. 

We continue to see lower high school graduation rates for Indigenous people, alongside significant over representation of Indigenous peoples within child welfare, corrections, and other aspects of the criminal justice system.

There is a growing recognition that achieving better outcomes in these areas requires Indigenous trauma-informed tools and approaches.  This event will introduce Indigenous perspectives on complex trauma and trauma-informed practice.  It will demonstrate concrete tools and approaches that can be utilized on a daily basis to achieve better outcomes working with Indigenous peoples and communities experiencing or impacted by trauma.  It will also demonstrate how Indigenous trauma-informed practices can lead to better outcomes for all Canadians through supporting the implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions Calls to Action.

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 Dr. Jeffrey J. Schiffer has Métis and German ancestry, and was born and raised in unceded Coast Salish territory- in what is today Vancouver, British Columbia.  He holds a BA in anthropology from the University of British Columbia, and an MA and PhD in anthropology and education from Columbia University.  Schiffer has conducted community-based participatory research with Indigenous communities in Canada, the United States, and Central America.  His dissertation research focused on decolonizing and indigenizing Aboriginal child welfare in diverse urban spaces.  Schiffer spent several years working as the Special Projects Officer at Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society (VACFSS) where he co-founded the Culturally Relevant Urban Wellness (CRUW) Program.  He has also previously worked as the Program Director in the Office of Indigenization at the Justice Institute of British Columbia, and as the Indigenous Affairs Consultant for the City of Toronto.  He currently sits as the Incoming Executive Director for Native Child and Family Services of Toronto.  Schiffer also supports curriculum development and teaches as an instructor in the Aboriginal Focusing-Oriented Therapy (AFOT) program.  

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