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ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and Mediation Resources (U.S.)
This site includes several mediation essays, newsletters and links to mediations centers. Also provided are links to Recommended Conflict Resolution Web sites and a list of related listservs. The author of the site created a unique and useful rating system to linked sites (at ADR links).

ADR Institute of Canada
ADRI serves the needs of arbitrators and mediators, and is responsible for providing training, certification, and professional development opportunities in dispute resolution.

ADR Institute of Alberta (ADRIA)
The Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society (AAMS) is a not-for-profit organization that has been in existence since 1982, helping more than 450 members engaged in the practice of arbitration and mediation throughout the province. Membership is open to anyone interested in alternative dispute resolution.

American Arbitration Association
This site offers extensive information about the AAA's services, including copies of many of the more important sets of dispute resolution rules and procedures, ethical standards, the roster of neutrals, and publications. There are also clickable resources which include the text of federal, state, uniform arbitration and some other ADR related laws.

Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR)
ACR is a professional organization formed through the consolidation of AFM, CREnet and SPIDR (Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution). This organization consists of mediators, arbitrators, facilitators and educators involved in the education and promotion of effective conflict resolution.

Behavior Management Resource Guide
University of Florida's College of Education has been funded by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs & the Institute of Education Sciences to develop and evaluate curricula to help students manage their anger, solve social problems, and manage conflicts. Includes the Working Together to Resolve Conflict curriculum.

British Columbia Arbitration and Mediation Institute 
Comprised of arbitrators and mediators, the Institute provides a multilevel training program for ADR practitioners, member accreditation, and a referral and appointment service for arbitrators and mediators.

British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre 
BCICAC aims to provide alternative dispute resolution services to businesses. Site links to information on domestic arbitration, international arbitration, mediation, rules and fees, panels of experts and related sites.

Campus Conflict Resolution Resources
This site supports the development of mediation and conflict resolution services at colleges and universities. Site includes sample documents, program development assistance, bibliographies, on-line articles and more.

Commission for Conciliation, Mediation & Arbitration
The official website of the South African dispute resolution body offers online forms, information about services and conference presentations.

Conflict Information Consortium
A multidisciplinary program of research, teaching and application using a conflict knowledge base with the objective of improved understanding of conflict dynamics. Site offers more than 650 categorized links on conflict related web resources, as well as full-text case studies, searchable abstracts and more.

Conflict Resolution Network
We offer Conflict Resolution skills to build stronger organisations and more rewarding relationships. Communicating creatively can start from where you stand. It may be within family, community, government or the international arena. Conflict Resolution skills are the tools to move the rocks from the path. All CRN material on this website can be freely reproduced provided the copyright notice appears on each page.

CPR International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution
The CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution is a non-profit leadership alliance of 500 major corporations and law firms at the forefront of resolving business and public disputes through innovative alternate dispute resolution approaches. The Web site also provides access to panel of neutrals.

CRInfo: The Conflict Resolution Information Source
CRInfo is a comprehensive gateway to conflict resolution resources. This site permits users to search or browse more than 20,000 links to Web, print, and organizational resources in the conflict resolution field.

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, created in 1947, is an independent agency whose mission is to preserve and promote labor-management peace and cooperation. Headquartered in Washington, DC, with two regional offices and more than 70 field offices, the agency provides mediation and conflict resolution services to industry, government agencies and communities.

Mediate BC
Mediate BC is the new name for the integration of the B.C. Mediator Roster Society and D. R. Innovation Society. The B.C. Mediator Roster Society and the D.R. Innovation Society websites have integrated with Mediate BC.
This site provides substantial information in regards to mediation and conflict resolution. A great source for articles on-line that discuss issues of mediation, divorce and conflict resolution. Links to forums, events, training, articles, news briefs, ethics standards, legislation, organizations and resources for purchase.

National Association for Community Mediation
The National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM) is a membership organization comprised of community mediation centres, their staff and volunteer mediators, and other individuals and organizations interested in the community mediation movement. This site provides links to other mediation sites, mediation directories, the NAFCM Annual Report and Mission Statement.  

National Mediation Board 
The NMB is an American independent agency that performs a central role in facilitating harmonious labor-management relations within two transportation modes--the railroads and airlines. The website offers a selection of online forms and documents as well as agency information.

Family Mediation

Association for Conflict Resolution
A professional organization dedicated to enhancing the practice and public understanding of conflict resolution. A merged organization of AMF(Academy of Family Mediators), CRENet (Conflict Resolution Education Network) and SPIDR (Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution).

Family Mediation Canada
Family Mediation Canada is an interdisciplinary association of lawyers, social workers, human services and health care professionals. Their site provides information on a National Conference, newsletters, as well as training for mediators in Canada. Various resources available for purchase.


The Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation (CIIAN) 
Describes CIIAN's two certificate programs: Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution, and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

The Center for Global Peace and Conflict Studies
In depth information about the GPACS Program offered at UC Irvine.

Conflict Transformation - Graduate Program - EMU
Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisburg Virginia offers a 48-credit Master of Arts degree in Conflict Transformation and summer workshops at the Institute for Peacebuilding. This site provides details on curriculum, faculty and related information.

Education for Peace - International Education for Peace Institute
Education for Peace (EFP) is a comprehensive community development program dedicated to the establishment of an all-inclusive civilization of peace. The main purpose of EFP-International and its sister Institutes is to develop and implement peace education programs in all parts of the world for all segments of human society.

Fresno Pacific University: Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies
Offers graduate education in conflict management and peacemaking leading to the MA degree or graduate certificate. PACS also offers intervention and consulting services.

Humanitarian Studies - Royal Roads
In the School of Humanitarian Studies leaders, thinkers, and doers are developing the understanding and skills to create positive change both locally and globally.

Institute for Dispute Resolution 
Contains details on the dispute resolution courses and programs offerred at UVic, information on publications, access to the Working Together newsletter, and a bibliography.

International Academy of Mediators (IAM)
IAM is a professional organization consisting of mediators who have met the predefined standards and qualifications of their profession, to be competent and have integrity in facilitating commercial mediations. Links to the membership directory provided.

Peace and Conflict Studies (University of Waterloo)
PACS courses are open to all students at the University of Waterloo. This site links to Program Options, Course Listings and related information.

Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School
A site providing scholars, practitioners, and students of negotiation and dispute resolution with information about the resources available through the Program at Harvard.

School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution
Information on the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Master of Science (M.S.) degrees in Conflict Analysis and Resolution offered at the School for Conflict Analysis & Resolution at George Mason University. Also includes background information on the institute.

University of Missouri School of Law: Center for Dispute Resolution
One year residential Master of Laws in Dispute Resolution offered at the Univerisity of Missouri- Columbia School of Law. Site links to program objectives and course descriptions.

Willamette College of Law - Center for Dispute Resolution
Site links to Resources and Related Organizations. Includes a Simulation Bank (a resource for anyone who teaches or trains in the areas of negotiation, mediation and other forms of dispute resolution).

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