GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

Geo Portal
GEO Portal is a central Portal and Clearinghouse providing access to Geospatial and Earth Observation (EO) data in support of GEOSS.  GEO Portal allows you to discover, browse, edit, create and save geospatial information from GEOmembers around the globe.

GeoBC - BC's Geographic Gateway  
GeoBC provides a window to data and information sources provided by various ministries and agencies from the Natural Resource Sector within the British Columbia Provincial Government. The focus is on spatial and attribute data and associated applications that allow display and interaction with the data. The Integrated Land Management Bureau (ILMB) has the mandate to provide client-focused, high quality, integrated Crown land and resource management and information services to British Columbians. ILMB is responsible for GeoBC and has developed this site as a first step towards making information accessible to clients without having to go to many different sites to find the source.

GeoBC - Integrated Land and Resource Registration  
The ILRR provides a single source of reliable information on Crown Land legal interests, the place to go for a first-cut view of BC Crown Land status.

GeoGratis is a portal provided by the Earth Sciences Sector (ESS) of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) which provides geospatial data at no cost via your Web browser. The geospatial data are grouped in collections and are compatible with the most popular geographic information systems (GIS), with image analysis systems and the graphics applications of editing software.

Geologic Information Systems (GIS) Poster 
Great explanation and examples of Geographic Information Systems and how they work. Includes colour charts and photographs.

Natural Resources Canada
Data – Canada Lands Surveys section contains information on Parcel and Boundary Datasets for use in a GIS.

Last updated March 4, 2016