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British Columbia Municipalities
A listing of links to B.C. municipal web sites.

CivicInfo BC
CivicInfo BC is an award-winning, co-operative information service for those who work, or have an interest in British Columbia's local government sector. The main goal of CivicInfo BC is to facilitate the free and open exchange of local government information, which is done primarily through this web site.

Federation of Canadian Municipalities
A listing of all the municipalities in Canada, organized alphabetically by province/territory.


BC Government Directory
Directory contains employee and organization information, such as telephone numbers and addresses, for the Government of BC. Provides search engine.

British Columbia Archives
On-line information resources include Virtual Exhibitions, a Time Machine (BC historical documents, images and other multimedia information designed for K-12 curriculum), Historical Vital Event Indexes, Visual Records Collections, Cartographic Records and the Research Library.

British Columbia Crown Publications
The B.C. Crown Publications catalogue is a searchable online listing of available government publications. It includes all Legislation (Acts, Regulations and Bills), and many other publications, documents, brochures and pamphlets that can be ordered through Crown Publications. This site also offers searching by Ministry, or by selecting subjects from a predefined list of keywords.

Government of British Columbia
The home page of the B.C. government contains facts about B.C., news releases, employment, education and training programs and information, and a searchable government directory. Listing of all other provincial government sites found under the Other Levels of Government section.

Queen's Printer Publishing Services 
Links to Home Pages Hosted by the Queen's Printer, related information and other British Columbia Government Publications. Also lists Products and Services.


Government of Canada
The federal government of Canada's Web site. For information on federal programs, services and organizations.

Government of Canada: Canada Gazette
Since 1841 the Canada Gazette has been the official news bulletin of the Government of Canada. This site consists of three parts. Part 1: all formal public notices, official appointments, miscellaneous notices and proposed regulations. Part 2: regulations. Part 3: most recent Public Acts of Parliament.

Public Service Commission of Canada
The Canada Public Service Agency supports public servants in achieving a high-quality workplace and workforce to serve Canadians and the Government of Canada. Working with public service partners we promote leadership and set standards on workplace needs and offer programs, tools and information that foster excellence. Through annual assessments of human resources practices in departments and agencies, we maintain the integrity of the human resources management system.

United States

The purpose of is to increase public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.

United States Government's Web Portal
Links to just about every U.S. federal, state, or government-related web site.


United Nations
Links to Economic & Social Development, Human Rights, Humanitarian Affairs, International Law, and Peace & Security.

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