Restorative Justice

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The Centre for Restorative Justice
The Centre for Restorative Justice is an initiative by the Simon Fraser University School of Criminology, funded by the Correctional Service of Canada. The Centre for Restorative Justice, in partnership with individuals, the community, justice agencies and the University, exists to support and promote the principles and practices of restorative justice. The Centre provides education, innovative program models, training, evaluation and research through a resource centre and meeting place that facilitates outreach, promotion, dialogue and advocacy.

Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking
An International Resource Center, within the University of Minnesota, School of Social Work, in support of Restorative Dialogue Practice, Research, and Training.

Community Justice Initiatives Association - Restorative Justice
Those who view crime from a Restorative Justice perspective see crime as conflict which creates a breach, a "rent" in the fabric of the community. Rather than the state and its laws at centre-stage, the focus remains on the disputants and on accountability, responsibility, negotiating fitting amends and, to the greatest possible degree, the repair of the harm. Since crime involves and affects—even erodes—the community, involving and empowering people to assist in the resolution of criminal conflicts that arise in their communities can reverse that trend, reducing the sense that the community is powerless to do anything about the levels of crime within it. Victim-offender mediation can dramatically change that dynamic.

Correctional Service of Canada - Restorative Justice
Links to publications and resources from Canada as well as international agencies.

Fresno Pacific University - Restorative Justice Project
Restorative Justice Project (RJP) is a program of the Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies (PACS) at Fresno Pacific University.

Mediation and Restorative Justice Centre
An independent not-for-profit organization promoting a community response to conflict and crime.

Nova Scotia Restorative Justice Program
The goal of this restorative justice program for Nova Scotia is to have a justice process that holds offenders accountable in a more meaningful way, repair the harm caused by the offender, and achieves a sense of healing for the victims and the community.

Prison Fellowship International Restorative Justice
Restorative Justice Online is a service of the Centre for Justice & Reconciliation at Prison Fellowship International. The purpose of Restorative Justice Online is to be an authoritative, credible, non-partisan source of information on restorative justice.

Restorative Justice Database
Created and maintained by the Centre of Criminology Library, this database includes citations to academic and practitioner literature from 1970 to the present. It is updated and maintained on a regular basis and presently includes more than 1,400 records.

Restorative Justice in Australia
From the Australian Government: Institute of Criminology this site provides links to information on restorative justice in Australia.

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