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BC Ministry of Children and Family Development
MCFD is reponsible for Child and Youth Mental Health, Children and Youth with Special Needs, Youth Justice and Youth Education Fund.

McCreary Centre Society
This website provides a wealth of information on youth issues. If you are looking for statistics on youth, this is the place to go. Fact sheets, reports, surveys, projects and other resources covering issues such as adolescent health and well-being, marginalized or minority youth to name a few. Many of the reports are available in-print at the JIBC Library.

RCMP National Youth Strategy
The RCMP Youth Strategy focuses on preventing and reducing victimization and perpetration of crime by youth.


This site explains and provides examples of the various forms of cyberbullying and what can be done about this problem. Includes information about acronyms and emoticons used to communicate.

First Steps to Stop Bullying and Harassment: Adults Helping Youth Aged 12 to 17
Developed by Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada, this document serves as a source to resources and links on bullying.

RESOLVE: Research and Education Solutions to Violence and Abuse
This resource was developed to identify school-based programs that prevent violence against girls and young women, the primary targets of much abuse including dating violence, sexual assault and sexual harassment. However, boys and young men are also victimized by every form of violence described in this manual.

Safe Schools Strategy
This strategy was developed by the B.C. Ministry of Education, following the appointment by the Government of B.C. of a Safe Schools Task Force who consulted with parents, students and educators across the province to identify ways to address violence in schools. Site links to many documents that were created as a result of this strategy.

Sexual Exploitation

Justice Institute of BC - Sexual Exploitation Toolkit
This website is designed to be a one-stop resource for information about the commercial sexual exploitation of children and youth, with a focus on British Columbia. Many people want to do something in their community about sexual exploitation but may not know where to start. You may have a child who you fear is being recruited in to the sex trade. Or you may be a long-time advocate for the rights of children and youth. This website is designed to provide you with information that is user-friendly and accessible.

National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre
The National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre (NCECC), an integral part of Canada’s National Police Services, was created to help protect children from online sexual exploitation. NCECC is a national clearing house and coordination centre for all international requests to conduct investigations in Canada related to child sexual exploitation on the Internet; provides support to peace officers, in particular investigators involved in files dealing with child sexual exploitation on the Internet; builds relationships and collaborates with domestic and international partners to raise awareness and combat criminal activity which targets, exploits and abuses children; and, will help develop standards and guidelines within Canada and provide many levels of support to law enforcement investigators involved in files dealing with the sexual exploitation of children on the Internet.

Last updated March 2, 2019