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March 3, 2011

Enhancing law enforcement capacity

JIBC launches new Intelligence Analysis and Tactical Criminal Analysis graduate certificates

The JIBC Justice & Public Safety Division announces the launch of two new graduate certificate programs: Intelligence Analysis and Tactical Criminal Analysis, through a unique partnership with Mercyhurst College. The one-year programs are being offered in response to feedback from clients in the law enforcement community, who view improved crime and intelligence analysis as tools to enhance both their efficiency and effectiveness.   

“We identified a need for this kind of curriculum – which is virtually nonexistent in post-secondary academic institutions in Canada – and we turned to Mercyhurst, recognizing its world-renowned reputation as leaders in the field of intelligence analysis,” said Mike Trump, Director of JIBC’s Justice & Public Safety Division.

In the past, the Mercyhurst College Institute for Intelligence Studies (MCIIS) has created training courses for use off-site, but this marks the first time MCIIS has leased the same courses it teaches in its Mercyhurst classrooms to another academic enterprise, according to Robert J. Heibel, MCIIS Executive Director.

In addition to the quality curriculum provided by Mercyhurst, students enrolled in these graduate certificate programs will enjoy state-of-the-art learning resources, excellent liaison with potential employers in government and the private sector, and exposure to an experienced and accomplished faculty. 

“We are in the process of adapting the Mercyhurst course materials with Canadian content, including our laws and protocols, but all the practical application and theory behind the Mercyhurst curriculum will remain the same,” Trump said. 

Registration for the first cohort of students will open on March 14, in anticipation of a September course start date. Students enrolled in both the Intelligence Analysis and Tactical Criminal Analysis programs will complete three foundational courses that will provide a grounding in the theory and practice of analysis and a range of specialist courses that give analysts and their employers more tools to add to their toolboxes.

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The JIBC Justice & Public Safety Division provides academic programs at the certificate, diploma, and graduate levels, targeted at current and aspiring justice and public safety professionals. It also delivers training for individuals involved in the private security profession; continuing professional education for mid-career professionals in law enforcement and regulatory fields; and a range of accredited academic and customized training programs for international clients.

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