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February 25, 2010

Getting Technical at the 2010 Winter Olympics

Before starting her volunteer role, JIBC’s Rosamaria Fong was excited, but not particularly overawed by the challenges that she would face as a Media Centre Technician at the Richmond Olympic Oval (ROO).

Her 10 years of technology, troubleshooting and support experience at the JIBC in addition to the volunteer positions she has held at various sporting and World Championship events made her confident that she was adequately prepared her to deal with any eventuality. However, all of her technical experience didn’t prepare her for the emotional drama that has unfolded.

"Being a part of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games has been the most humbling experience ever," says Rosamaria. "It's a chance of a lifetime to be amongst the best of the best athletes from all over the world."

Rosamaria has been at the ROO every day since the opening of the Games. While the hours can be long, there have been perks, including the opportunity to sit in the VIP box as a seat-warmer to watch some of the events.

Her most memorable moment was watching Canada’s Christine Nesbitt win gold in the womens' 1,000 metre at the finish line. While she was the favourite to win, her gold medal win was by the slimmest of margins - 0.02 second. For Rosamaria, Nesbitt’s victory epitomizes the athletes’ drive, desire and focus on performance, in spite of all pressure placed on them.

Throughout the Games, Rosamaria witnessed the same passion amongst athletes, across all disciplines." Their dedication and their discipline to achieve the best that they can be, has truly been inspirational. This experience will definitely stay with me for the rest of my life."

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