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February 18, 2010

Sharing information at the 2010 Winter Olympics

As Vancouver opens its doors and welcomes the world for the 2010 winter Olympics, several JIBC staffers will be contributing their time and expertise to help ensure the event’s success. Celia Quigley, Coordinator, Emergency Management Certificate Programs, will be playing the role of Information Booth Host at Canada Hockey Place.

While Celia’s 12 years of supporting students and developing curriculum across several divisions may not appear to be a good fit with her volunteer role, she has no such reservations. "Multitasking, dealing with public enquiries, and using a computer database - these are skills I have honed at the JIBC and will serve me well in my Olympic role," she explained.

However, Celia brings additional skill to her role. "Mostly my special talent is languages. They needed French speaking volunteers to work as Information Booth Hosts. French is the official language of the Olympics. Most people at the JIBC don't know that I was born and raised in Quebec and that I never set foot in an English school until I went to college. Also, having lived in Vancouver for years without a car, I am very familiar with public transportation, so it will be easy for me to give people directions in the downtown core."

Celia has previously volunteered at numerous local sporting events, primarily adventure races, as race marshal. However, the volunteer experience that will help the most in her Olympic role is the nine years with Vancouver Police Department Victims Services. "As a Victims Services Volunteer I served as a resource for callers seeking information on a very broad range of topics," says Celia. "I expect that the enquiries I will get at the Information Booth will be just as diverse."

Celia is excited about going to the dress rehearsal of the opening ceremony and is looking forward to seeing some of the victory ceremonies. She also hopes to be cheering for Team Canada while working the Gold medal game for women's hockey; and teams other than Canada’s during the men’s Bronze medal game. Perhaps more than this, she is looking forward to meeting people from all over the world and sharing with them this amazing place Vancouver, BC, Canada, that is her home.

"I'm just thrilled to be a part of the Olympic experience. I think the energy and excitement will be intoxicating."

For all of her enthusiasm, there is the lingering concern that other francophones from around the world won't understand her Quebecois accent. But, super volunteer that she is, she’s been practicing her "CBC French" and she’s ready to greet the world.

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