Sexual Assault Investigative Procedures Certificate

In response to the increasing need for officers to justify and articulate actions taken during the course of an investigation, JIBC's Police Academy offers a seven course, 35 day Sexual Assault Investigative Procedures Certificate Program.

Who Should Take This Certificate

This certificate is suited for those officers who are currently serving, or are planning to enter, a sexual assault investigative unit at either their home agency or as part of an integrated team.

This JIBC certificate will be offered to serving members of all municipal and tribal police departments as well as members of the RCMP. 

Upon completion of this program officers will be able to apply an informed, modern approach to investigating sexually based crimes.  Completion will allow officers to be assigned to investigate most sexually based criminal offences as well as broaden their understanding of investigative procedures and processes.

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Credit for courses contained in these programs may be given for similar courses completed at other institutions on a case-by-case basis.  Municipal police officers are reminded to go through their training section prior to applying to attend a course.

CourseCourse Code
Search & SeizurePLCE-1212
Forensic DNA Evidence PLCE-1206
Forensic InterviewingPLCE-1207
General Investigative TechniquesPLCE-1210
First Response Sexual Assault Investigations
Sexual Assault Investigations
Child Abuse InvestigationsPLCE-1226


Last updated April 5, 2017