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Our expert instructors combine theory with practice, and are some of the most respected and experienced educators working in the fields of conflict resolution, negotiation and third party mediation.

Centre for Conflict Resolution Instructors in BC

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Janice Bateman, Cert. ConRes., brings 25 years of experience in the field of conflict resolution. Her work has focused on mediation, facilitation, training, personalized coaching and more recently on restorative practices. Janice works with the private and public sector as well as non-profit organizations. Having worked in business, non-profit and social services, she brings a wide range of understanding and experience to various settings.

Linda Bonnell, BScN, Cert. ConRes., has worked as a family mediator assisting separating families since 1997. She joined the JIBC faculty in 2008 as the co-author and instructor of the advanced mediation course “Mediating the Financial Separation.” Linda is also a child protection mediator, a parent coordinator, a mentor for mediators. Under Linda’s management the Family Mediation Practicum Program which is administered under MediateBC Society, developed a new property division practicum opportunity for mediator. Linda is a certified comprehensive mediator with Family Mediation Canada where she is past president and the chair of the Certification Committee.

Sue Broomsgrove, Cert.ConRes, Certified Coach (CPCC) BScN. Is a conflict resolution consultant who incorporates her extensive leadership experience as a trainer, coach, mediator and speaker in private, government, Industry and academic settings. Using an interest-based approach, she provides one-to-one coaching and mentoring to established and emerging leaders in change management, performance management, conflict management and emotional intelligence. Sue develops workshops to support teams in gaining awareness around the benefits of enhanced communication skills for lasting change. Her favourite quote about this work is “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ Anais Nin 

Sherri Calder, MA, BGS, Cert. ConRes, works as a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Conflict Resolution Consultant. Sherri draws on years of experience working with a range of individuals, couples and groups facing difficulty in their personal and/or professional lives. Sherri also develops and delivers courses on a variety of topics to groups small and large. In each instance, Sherri focuses on being supportive, compassionate and collaborative.  In addition to working with clients in her private practice, Sherri is a faculty member with the Centre for Conflict Resolution and the Public Safety Division at the Justice Institute of BC, as well as an adjunct faculty member for The Masters in Organization Psychology with The Adler School of Profession Psychology.

Nicola Carteret, Cert.ConRes, BA, MA is an author, strategist, and global resource who works with a range of international organizations in diverse cultural contexts to design and facilitate creative processes that enhance leadership, communication, productivity and performance. Nicola’s passion is co-creating innovative projects that enable people and organizations to achieve differentiation and results through their creative edge. For the last 20 years she has worked with change agents in the Middle East. Nicola's new book: Do Less, Achieve More will be published in the UK in 2012.

Helen Cheng, B. Comm., LL.B., LL.M., is a lawyer and conflict resolution consultant.  Her practice focuses on institutional system design, leadership and management training. She was previously a crown counsel with the Department of Justice Canada and specialized in Charter litigation. Helen contributes on a pro bono basis to a number of organizations that promote grassroots empowerment, such as Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund, and is the founder of Yspace, a grassroots youth program that introduces ideas and skills indispensable to conflict resolution and peace building.  Helen completed her Master of Law studies at Harvard Law School and her research on ADR theory is published in The Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence.  


Raj Dhasi, MA (Organizational Conflict Analysis and Management), BA (Adult Education), Cert. ConRes., focuses her work on conflict resolution within school districts, workplace settings including corporations and legal settings, and within families.  Her work includes conflict analysis and assessment and a range of strategies to manage conflict effectively including mediation, group facilitation, leadership coaching, and restorative practices. Raj specializes in delivering conflict management strategies that are grounded in brain research.  

Linda Dobson, Cert. ConRes. MA (Leadership), is an organizational consultant and one of the few coaches worldwide who carry a Master Certified Coach designation. Linda specializes in conflict resolution (resolution coaching, mediation) and leadership development. She has extensive experience within both public and private sectors, is a mediator for the ICF Ethics Committee, the Director General of a multicultural Board of Directors, and coaches parents of kids with cancer. Linda is passionate about helping others resolve differences and optimize potential through strategic conversations.

Paula Drouin, CMed, Cert. ConRes., Cert. Arbitration, MA (Human Security and Peacebuilding), is an inspirational educator who brings to the learning environment extensive experience working in high conflict situations; an ability to create authentic meaningful dialogue; and a comfort level with adversarial parties that is contagious. Paula has a passion for grassroots justice initiatives and has international experience assessing restorative justice processes and court mediation programs.

Jory C. Faibish, Cert. ConRes., is a Certified Mediator (MDABC) has been on the faculty at the JIBC since 1994, is a Certified Mediator, a practicing Architect and principal of Jory C. Faibish Arcitect since 1986. Jory is a member of the Mediate BC Civil Mediation Roster and a founding member and President of The YES Group Inc. He mediates and facilitates in public and private, unionized/non-unionized and large and small organizations. Cases include business, healthcare, development/construction, municipal, education and housing matters involving organizational, departmental, and interpersonal issues. Jory is a provincially appointed Adjudicator of Municipal Bylaw Appeals and is on the Disciplinary Hearing Panel of the BC Law Society.

Michael Fogel, LL.B., J.D., MEd, CMed, has been concentrating on mediating and facilitating and adult education in the field of negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution. He presents in-house senior management and leadership programs in many private and public sector corporations and organizations. He also works with many organizations and institutions that are involved in significant change and/or engaged in processes for transforming corporate culture and systems.


Mario Govorchin, Cert. ConRes., is a dynamic, energetic and entertaining speaker and trainer. Much of his work with organizations focuses on conflict resolution, leadership, team development, and change management. He is well regarded in his work as an interventionist for organizations experiencing high internal conflict, and has particular strengths as a mediator of multi-party disputes.

Vanessa Gray, Cert. ConRes., BA, is a conflict resolution practitioner with over 13 years of experience as a mediator, instructor, coach, and presenter.  Vanessa has worked with individuals and groups from a variety of contexts including the public and private sector, sport at the national level, the family courts, Restorative Justice, schools, as well as parents and teenagers. Vanessa’s empathic yet practical approach fosters meaningful and sustainable outcomes for those involved.

Terry Harris, Cert. ConRes., BA, LL.B., MA (Human Security and Peacebuilding), is a mediator in the child protection, insurance, and family fields. He has a varied background as a lawyer, counsellor and administrator with rich experience in multi-party and cross-cultural mediation.

Kent Highnam, Cert. ConRes., BA, MA, has a background in international and public relations with the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross. He has worked in public and private organizations as an instructor and practitioner in collaborative, interest-based processes in both English and French. A visiting lecturer at Simon Fraser University until 2012, Kent also has experience in human resources and labour relations issues. Kent is Program Director at the JIBC's School of Health and Community Social Justice and teaches for the Centre for Conflict Resolution as well as for the JIBC Law Enforcement Studies Diploma.

Stacey Holloway, Cert. ConRes., B.Sc.N., is an acknowledged and skilled interventionist in the fields of human relations and organizational development. She focuses on assisting people and organizations as they create and navigate change. Her work includes planning for strategic change management, organizational assessment and analysis, developing people through training and coaching, intervention including mediation and facilitation, and keynote speaking. Stacey is the author of a comprehensive high school resource entitled Interpersonal Conflict Resolution Skills for Youth.

Betty Ife has worked as a family mediator, mentor, and parent educator for the past fourteen years.  She has been on the faculty of the JIBC since 2008.  Betty is committed to developing parent and professional resources on separation and divorce, and is the co-author and facilitator of the course “Mediating the Financial Aspects of Separation”, offered at the JIBC and “Separated with Children: Dealing with the Finances” a parent education course.   She is certified as a comprehensive family mediator with Family Mediation Canada and currently serves as President of that organization.


Tara Kowalski MA in progress (Integrative Studies Master's Degree with a focus in leadership, change management and coaching), BA (Sociology), Cert. ConRes., Cert. Conflict Coaching, Cert. Business Management, C.A.C.E. (Cert. Adult Education), and she is a Certified Family Relations Mediator (CFRM). Her service areas include consultation, facilitation, mediation, training and awareness, group processes, leadership coaching and development, restorative practices and change management within educational, workplace (policing, non-profit, sport, small business) and family settings. Tara integrates transformative, narrative and interest-based conflict resolution systems with leadership, emotional intelligence and change managment practices.

Niki Kux-Kardos began her conflict resolution training in 2003 at the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society in Edmonton while completing a Bachelor of Commerce in HR and Organizational Behaviour. Since 2009 she has been in private practice working primarily with families in business specializing in conflict management, leadership, coaching, speaking and training. In addition to her private work, Niki is one of three internal Informal Conflict Management Practitioners with the RCMP providing conflict coaching, mediation, facilitation, group intervention, awareness and training throughout British Columbia. She is a Certified Executive Coach, trained Restorative Justice facilitator and Peacemaking circle keeper, holds a Certificate in Conflict Resolution in Mediation and Negotiation and is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies in Advanced Coaching and Leadership.


Nancy McPhee, Cert. ConRes. MA, (Leadership) is an educator and facilitator with over 30 years of experience working with people. Her work includes clients from the private and public sectors as well as non-profit organizations. Her interest is in creating space for people to connect through processes such as open space, world café and appreciative inquiry.  Nancy’s vibrant style, sense of humour and common-sense approach to learning makes building personal awareness fun and relevant.

Julia Menard, MEd, PCC, Cert.ConRes specializes in helping to transform organizational conflict into a learning gift. She runs her own conflict consulting practice working with teams, leaders and employees in conflict within public and private organizations. Julia is the co-author of Hold On To Yourself: How to Stay Cool in Hot Conversations and the Canadian distributor and workshop creator for Mediator in a Box.

Ron Monk, Cert. ConRes. D.Tech., is a mediator, facilitator and trainer in conflict resolution, mediation, negotiation and communication skills. His background is in broadcast communications, not-for-profit management and government. Ron has maintained a mediation practice since 1987. His work encompasses organizations, government agencies, workplaces, communities, family, child protection and intercultural and multi-party/group facilitation. He focuses on building an environment conducive to productive dialogue and open discussion.

Terry S. Neiman, MS, PhD., Cert. ConRes. has nearly 20 years of experience in consulting and education, following nearly 20 years of experience in process engineering and corporate management. His consulting work focuses on conflict resolution, decision-making, and problem solving. His academic work focuses on communication in conflict and problem solving, and the study of dialogue in everyday life. Terry designs and teaches courses on communication, negotiation, conflict intervention, and problem solving at Simon Fraser University, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and the JIBC. His teaching method is interactive and designed to work with a variety of learning styles.

Kerry Palmer, Cert. ConRes., Cert. Restorative Practices, Cert. Family Med., is a mediator with Family Mediation Canada (relations). His practice comprises working in both the private and public sectors, including supporting families in transition, working in the restorative justice field, and working as a child protection mediator and a mediator with the Ministry of Education. This diversity provides a unique skill set and knowledge base to the benefit of those Kerry supports.

Pam Penner, Cert. ConRes., holds a MA (Conflict Analysis and Management) and is certified as a mediator with the Community Dispute Resolution Program. In private practice since 1998, Pam has extensive experience in facilitating strategic plans, mediating disputes, team building, and training others in communication, conflict resolution, and facilitation skills.

Erica Pinsky, B.A., MSc, CHRP is a speaker, trainer and consultant providing customized services and solutions to eliminate discrimination, harassment, bullying and destructive conflict in the workplace.  Her book, “Road to Respect: Path to Profit” focuses on eliminating disrespectful practices to create respectful workplaces where employees love to work and employers achieve sustainable business success. Erica was the corporate harassment and conflict specialist at Canadian Airlines International. This experience, combined with her work as a Labour Relations practitioner, provides her with the expertise to successfully facilitate multi-party disputes, investigate and mediate complaints, and handle emotionally charged conflict situations. Erica was a Top Ten Finalist in 2012 North America’s Next Greatest Speaker contest.


Sandra Rossi, Cert. ConRes., Dipl. Criminology, BA [Human Services (in progress)] has worked extensively as a mediator, trainer, facilitator and coach. She has specialized in restorative practices and respect in the workplace initiatives, and is currently working in human resources. Sandra’s background includes work in post-secondary education, healthcare, the private and public sectors, and non-profit organizations.

Alan Simpson, BTh., MA (Conflict Management), Cert. ConRes, is a facilitator of difficult conversations, conflict coach and mediator for individuals and groups. He provides conflict engagement processes and training seminars for leaders and their organizations nationally and internationally.  He has over 25 years of experience in coaching and training adults, families and organizations in communication skills, change management and conflict engagement.  He has worked with family businesses, private schools and faith based organizations. His offerings include leadership development, non-profit board management, team building and retreat facilitation. Alan is a skills coach and instructor for the JIBC at the Okanagan and New West campuses. 

Donna Soules, Cert. ConRes., MA (Conflict Resolution), has been a trainer and mediator in private practice since 1993. She specializes in workplace, non-profit agency, family, custody/access, school conflict and Aboriginal issues. She is also an instructor at Malaspina University-College in Nanaimo. Donna is a member of the BC Mediator Roster Society (Civil, Family and Child Protection).


Lee Turnbull, LL.B., MEd (Couns Psych), FMC Cert. Comp. Fam. Med, C.Med. maintains a diverse international dispute resolution consulting practice: commercial, workplace, governments, NGOs, schools, family disputes. Lee specializes in design/implementation for civil and family mediation practicum programs, and skill assessment processes. She assesses and instructs for JIBC, is Senior Advisor for Mediate BC in Court Mediation Program and Family Regional Mentoring Program, and coaches CLE courses.  Acclaimed in her fourth term, she serves her Sunshine Coast community as elected Regional District Director.


Sue Wazny, Cert. ConRes. MSc., Dip. Leadership, has worked extensively as a workplace educator and intervener for over 15 years. Her practice includes educational programs, workplace mediation, organizational facilitation, executive performance coaching, formal harassment investigation, and critical incident stress debriefing and management.

Deborah White, Cert. ConRes., B.S.W., MA (Applied Behavioral Science), is an organization/management consultant, mediator, facilitator and trainer. She has more than 20 years of experience in both the public and private sectors working with people at all levels. Deborah’s practice focuses on process consulting, coaching, workplace mediation, organizational facilitation, skills training and reconstruction of working relationships.

Gordon C. White, Cert. ConRes., B.Sc., MBA, is a facilitator and trainer who mediates in BC government programs and facilitates practical resolutions for organizations who find themselves with intractable human relationship difficulties. He has a keen interest in both building preventative capacities, and working with individual growth and group transformation potentials available through engaging purposefully in conflict. Gordon’s areas of work have included group dysfunction, grievances, harassment, troubled relationships, leadership, lawsuits, Aboriginal communities, federal government, and restorative justice.

Dale P. Zaiser, Cert. ConRes., B.G.S., MA/ABS (Organization Development), is an acknowledged and skilled interventionist in the fields of human relations and organizational development. He has extensive experience in both the private and public sector. Dale focuses on organizational development, particularly in the areas of change management, strategic planning, leadership development and skill-based competency training in the area of conflict management.

Conflict Resolution Instructors in Alberta - A-Z


Kerry Brown, BComm., Certificate in Conflict Management, is a mediator, facilitator and trainer. She works with organizations that are looking to successfully manage conflict both internally and externally. This includes public consultation, facilitation of stakeholder groups, and conflict management process design. Kerry also provides private conflict management training to organizations.


Alan Edwards, AAMS Certificate in Conflict Management. His private practice focuses primarily on workplace conflict and violence, including return to work, supervisor/employee, death threats, and situations involving violence. He is very active in Restorative Justice, particularly in the areas of victim offender mediation in cases of serious crime, and also in training development and delivery. Alan has over 10 years experience developing and delivering training in Canada and the US for mediators, lawyers, court workers, government, and restorative justice practitioners on topics such as conflict resolution, mediation and violence.

Richard Foggo, MEd, Certificate in Conflict Management, Certificate in Adult Education, is a counsellor, trainer, mediator and educator with an extensive background in conflict resolution, human relations and communication skills. His experience includes working with various colleges, school systems, business organizations, families, community programs and social services. Richard also has a private practice in counselling and mediation.



Janice Kelner, BA, LL.B., Certificate in Conflict Management, is an experienced mediator, skills coach, and ADR process design specialist with a background in law and business. She has been a management consultant and mediator in the energy industry for more than 10 years, and currently works with entrepreneurs and family businesses as a facilitator for succession and estate planning, governance, and wealth management issues. Janice has led various skill development programs for both ADR students and practicing mediators.

Gloria Lechky, MBA (CED), CMed AAMS member since 1998 is an instructor with AAMS and JIBC and mediator, trainer, and conflict coach with the Department of National Defence (DND). She works with groups and individuals involved in various workplace conflict situations such as relationship, grievance and harassment complaints. Gloria’s background in Administrative Management provides more than 20 years knowledge and experience in transportation, construction, and oilfield service industries.


Barbara McNeil, BSc, MA, is a Chartered Mediator, Facilitator and Trainer. She mediates extensively and consults on conflict management issues in the energy industry, in the workplace, and for municipal and land issues. Barbara has designed and delivered conflict management training for many clients and served on the Alberta Municipal Government Board for three years, adjudicating decisions on assessment and subdivision appeals.


Cheryl J. Scott, BA (Hons.), LL.B., CMC, has been involved in the management of conflict both as a lawyer and an interest-based mediator and negotiator for more than 20 years. For the past eight years Cheryl has practiced exclusively as a mediator/negotiator and collaborative law consultant, as well as a designer and trainer of interest-based mediation, negotiation and collaborative lawyering skills.

Robert Slocombe, BA, M.Div., Chartered Mediator, is a mediator, facilitator, trainer, and consultant. He mediates in workplace situations, for estate and company planning, and for families. He also facilitates multi-party meetings for companies and public forums. Robert has taught conflict resolution courses in the private sector since 1994 and with the JIBC Centre for Conflict Resolution since 2004.

Josie Stiles, Cert. ConRes., MA (Conflict Analysis and Management), is an organizational/management consultant, mediator, coach, trainer and facilitator. She creates collaborative dialogues, which enhance quality decision-making, strengthen relationships and optimize individual and organizational performance. Her practice includes creating conflict management competency in the areas of leadership development, team effectiveness, workplace harassment/respect and stakeholder engagement.


Patricia Tolppanen, B.P.A., LL.B., Chartered Mediator (National Designation), is a conflict management consultant and mediator. She has studied interest-based conflict management since 1993 and has been facilitating courses in this field since 1999. Her primary focus is on the resolution of workplace conflict. She has a long history with the Community Mediation Calgary Society and the Provincial Court Civil Mediation Program in Calgary. Patricia’s other work is in the field of police governance and oversight.


Sharon Wilson, Cert. ConRes., Chartered Mediator (National Designation). In addition to her dispute resolution practice, Sharon has been instructing and coaching in interest-based conflict resolution programs at the Colleges and Universities since 1992. In business for over 35 years, her experience includes 17 years of mediating bilateral and multi-party disputes, designing conflict management systems for organizations, and facilitating interest-based bargaining, providing services in the corporate world and in all levels of Government. Sharon also instructs in Edmonton.

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