Certificate in Conflict Resolution: Specialization in Mediation/Third-Party Intervention

This specialization gives you in-depth knowledge and skills in formal and informal mediation as well as other forms of third-party intervention.

This 252-hour (36 training days) program is worth 18 credits and culminates in a Certificate in Conflict Resolution: Mediation/Third-Party Intervention Specialization upon successful completion of all course hours and the final evaluation component.

Candidates for this program may be eligible for JIBC awards and bursaries. For more information, please contact the Student Services Centre directly at financialaid@jibc.ca or call 604.528.5762.

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Who Should Take This Certificate Program

This certificate specialization is designed for people who, either formally or informally, perform mediation and third-party intervention in their job. It is also intended for those who are planning to be self-employed as private practice mediators/interveners. The courses and certificate are open to anyone. There are no formal requirements for admission.

The Centre for Conflict Resolution offers a number of Information Sessions throughout the year.

The Centre for Conflict Resolution offers a number of Information Sessions throughout the year.

Learning Objectives

You will first learn the foundations of collaborative conflict resolution with a focus on self awareness in conflict. You will then apply this understanding and knowledge in a problem solving/negotiation setting and in a process facilitation context. The program electives allow you to specialize and deepen your learning in a variety of contexts related to mediation. Your learning will culminate in a written and practical assessment of your learning, skills and abilities.

Program Format

  • The certificate program is 252 hours or 36 days of training and an assessment. 
  • You can take courses individually or complete the certificate.
  • Learn at your own pace – take courses when they fit your schedule.
  • Core courses are scheduled several times throughout the year.
  • Full attendance is required.
  • We recommend you complete the program within 2-3 years.
  • One-day (7 hours) online courses are completed over two weeks
  • Two day (14 hours) online courses take four weeks to complete
  • Three-day (21 hours) online courses take six to seven weeks to complete


Required Courses (12.5 credits)

Some courses are offered online.  (*) denotes online delivery. To check current course availability, select the course code below. If you wish to register, follow the instructions on the course listing.

Course Name Course Code Credits Days
Foundations of Collaborative Conflict Resolution: Workplace Focus CRES-1101 1.5 3
Foundations of Collaborative Conflict Resolution CRES-1100 1.5 3
Mediation Skills Level I CRES-1180 1.5 3
Negotiation Skills Level I CRES-1170 1.5 3
Dealing with Anger CRES-1190 1.5 3
Negotiation Skills Level II CRES-1270 2.5 5
Mediation Skills Level II CRES-1280 2.5 5
Theoretical Foundations of Dispute Resolution CRES-1150 1.5 3
Integrating Conflict Theory and Practice CRES-1152 1.5 3
Assessment: Specialization in Mediation/Third-Party Intervention CRES-1560    

 Elective Courses (choose 10 days / 5 credits) 

Course Name Course Code Credits Days
The following courses have no prerequisites:
Asserting Yourself in Conflict Situations CRES-1305  1.0  2
Building Your Communication Toolbox CRES-1302  1.0  2
Managing the Hostile Individual CRES-1308  1.0  2
Conflict Coaching Level ICRES-1131     1.5 3
The following courses have prerequisites of CRES-1100/1101 and CRES-1131:
Conflict Coaching Level IICRES-1231     1.5 3
The following courses have prerequisites of CRES-1100/1101:
Balancing Empathy and Assertion CRES-1472  1.0  2
Managing the Conflict Within CRES-1473  1.0  2
The following courses have prerequisites of CRES-1100/1101 and CRES-1170 or CRES-1180:
The Art of Reframing CRES-1408  0.5 1
Asking Better Questions CRES-1404  0.5 1
Civil Procedure * (note: this course requires completion of CRES-1180 and must be taken in order to qualify for the Mediate BC Roster) CRES-1411  1.0 2
Dealing with Defensiveness in Conflict CRES-1405  1.5 3
Defining Issues & Setting the Agenda CRES-1401  1.0 2
Dynamics of Power CRES-1406  1.5 3
Identifying Control & Abuse in Pre-Mediation CRES-1474  1.0 2
Conflict Dynamics in Groups CRES-1210  1.0 2
Resolving Conflict in Groups Level II:
Effective Team Dynamics
CRES-1452  1.0 2
Resolving Conflict on the Front Line:
Demonstrating Leadership at Work
CRES-1200  1.5 3
Separate Meetings: Pre-Mediation & Caucusing CRES-1409 1.0 2
Shifting from Positions to Interests CRES-1402 1.5 3
The following courses have a prerequisite of CRES-1280:
Ethical Dilemmas for Mediators* CRES-1298 1.0 2
Mediation Skills Level III CRES-1495 1.0 2
Preparing for Your Mediation Assessment (Reality Check) CRES-1491 0.5  1

General Elective

Choose your remaining day from any conflict resolution course. You may use 7 hours from Lead Yourself First  LEAD-1100 for general elective credit in this certificate. Total  0.5


Note: 1 day is equivalent to 7 credit hours.  A credit is comprised of 14 hours.
Courses may be taken individually or as part of the Certificate Program. 

Books & Supplies

Course manuals are supplied when you attend class, and if purchase of books or other materials are required you will be advised of the details when you register.


Certificate Enrolment Fee: $125
Cost for the program is approximately $8,450 plus a Learner Service Fee (costs vary based on course locations).

Enrolment Process

The courses and certificate are open to anyone. There are no formal requirements for admission.

Register to a class
To check individual course availability, select one the course codes above and follow the instructions on the course listing. 

Enroll in the program

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