Prior Learning Assessment and Transfer Credits


Prior Learning Assessment is a process for granting credit in a post-secondary program based on what you know and what you can do, no matter where or how you gained your knowledge and skills.

To apply for credit transfer or prior learning assessment, please refer to the following documents:

Note that the maximum amount of credit that can be awarded through RPL is 50% of our certificate hours, regardless of specialization. Therefore, maximum RPL credit hours that may be applied for are as follows:


Transfer credits (articulation agreements) occur when another post-secondary institution recognizes JIBC credits to their courses or programs.

Detailed information on Credit Transfer and Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) can be found on the JIBC Registration pages. 


Credit equivalency is recognition of equivalent education earned at another post-secondary institution or learning organization.

Credit Equivalency with Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW)

INDC-1110 Essential Skills for Training and Facilitation Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW)     

Equivalency with Vancouver Community College

Associate Certificate in Training and Facilitation Provincial Instructor Diploma Program

INDC-1110 Essential Skills for Training and Facilitation
INDC-1377 Facilitation Fundamentals

PIDP 3220: Delivery of Instruction
INDC-1211 Tools and Activities for Trainers
INDC-1377 Facilitation Fundamentals
PIDP: 3250 Instructional Strategies

INDC-1590 Training and Facilitation Capstone
INDC-1211 Tools and Activities for Trainers 

PIDP 3270: Capstone Project

Last updated January 12, 2019