Paramedic in Industry

The Paramedic in Industry course (PARA1020) is an OFA bridging program for licensed EMR, PCP and ACP learners who want to work as a First Aid attendant in an industrial setting.

This course is designed to acknowledge the previous training, knowledge, and skills of licensed Paramedics. It is intended to be an orientation into the expectations, roles, and responsibilities when practicing as an Occupational First Aid (OFA) Attendant. 

The course focuses on areas where OFA practice expectations may differ from the expectations for practice at their current Paramedic level. Successful students will receive a WorkSafeBC Occupational First Aid Level III Paramedic in Industry certificate which is valid for three (3) years with the stipulation that a valid British Columbia EMA license is maintained throughout the 3-years.

Proof of current British Columbia EMA licensure at the level of Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) or Advance Care Paramedic (ACP) must accompany the registration. 

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Paramedic in Industry (PARA-1020) Course Information

Course Outline


  • Must possess a valid EMR, PCP or ACP license, issued by the BC Emergency Assistant's Licensing Board (EMALB).


  • Full attendance in class is mandatory for the completion of this course.

Training Locations

Dates and Times

This course is offered in various formats at our campuses. 

  • Two weeks online with a four hour face-to-face evaluative component on the last day.  We have classes scheduled for either Saturdays 8:30am-12:30pm or Thursday evenings from 5:30-9:30pm.


Students are assessed and coached throughout the course. Formal evaluations are as follows:

  • Eight online Module quizzes (75% pass on all)
  • Final comprehensive written exam: 30 multiple choice questions
  • Final practical demonstration/evaluation

Upon successful completion of the Pii course students will receive a JIBC/WorksafeBC OFA3 equivialency card (valid 3 years).

Required Textbooks

Resources for this course are located online in the Blackboard site available on the first day of class.

Fees and Refunds

PARA-1020 Paramedic in Industry

Tuition and mandatory fees are subject to an annual 2% increase every April 1. See the catalogue for the official listed price.


Continuing Studies Courses (Refund Policy-3210–003)

  • If a student withdraws 7 calendar days prior to the beginning of the course they receive a 100% refund;
  • Withdrawal with less than 7 calendar days from the start of the course are not eligible for tuition refund;
  • Some courses may have non-refundable tuition, application, and/or material fees (this will be identified at the time of registration).

Student Learning Supports & Disability Resources

Please advise the JIBC of your disability when you register.  It is your responsibility to intiate contact with the Manager of Student Learning Supports and Disability Resources who will work with you to determine the services for which you are eligible and to assist you in setting up an academic plan.


In B.C., workplace first aid attendants must have a certificate that's recognized by WorkSafeBC. Successful students will be able to work in a variety of industries, such as: Agriculture, Construction, Fishing & other marine, Forestry, Oil & gas, Manufacturing and Municipalities to name a few.

Last updated November 30, 2017