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JIBC SAR Course Training Chart

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2. Ground Search Team Leader

EMRG-1711 Ground Search Team Leader includes important course work for students to complete before the scheduled face to face weekend. This pre-work is completed online in Blackboard and is focused on getting you prepared for your on-site training. Plan on spending 10-12 hours completing this work.

Getting prepared consists of the following activities:

All of the information required to complete these activities is accessed through the online site. Once a prospective GSTL student has been accepted into a specific course offering, they will receive an email confirmation with directions as to how to access the online course component. Links to the pre-reading have been provided (above) to allow prospective students to get started prior to receiving notification.

Additional GSTL Requirements:

  • Students who have not completed EMRG-1200 Incident Command System Level 100, will be required to complete the course before the start of the GSTL course. If this applies to you, we will send you an email providing further information.
  • All students participating in GSTL are expected to have mastered the navigation skills taught in GSAR. Students who have not had much opportunity to use the map and compass navigation skills taught in GSAR will need to practice the basics prior to attending the course. An assessment of the basic pre-requisite navigation skills will be conducted during the GSTL course and students must attain a minimum of 70% for this component in order to pass the course. Please note that the GSTL course does not include any instruction in navigation – students must arrive prepared for an evaluation.
  • Students should practice conducting the AMDR test described in Chapter 5 of the manual prior to attending the course. There will be a brief opportunity to practice during the GSTL course; however, if you do not have experience using this test, it may be to your advantage to do some additional practice before the course.

3. Organized Avalanche Response

4. Rope Rescue

Rope Rescue Personal Log

  •  This requires sign off by either the Rope Rescue Team Leader or the Training Officer

5. Search and Rescue Management

SAR Management Level 1 Pre-Reading Assignment

  • Reading selection from the SAR Management Level 1 Participant Manual required before completing the online Pre-Course Quiz.

SAR Management forms and templates, including SAR ICS forms, may be downloaded through the My EM Resources page.  Visit My EM Resources to download free SAR from other training tools.

Last updated April 12, 2019