Fees and Refunds

Tuition and mandatory fees for most JIBC courses and programs increased by 2% on April 1, 2017, as permitted by the Province of BC Tuition Limit Policy. To obtain information about current fees for programs and courses, please check the appropriate page of the JIBC website or contact the Student Services Centre during regular business hours.

Additional Course Fees

A Learner Services Fee (LSF) is charged for all courses, and is collected at the time of registration.  The Learner Services Fee is currently set at $5.60 per course credit, to a maximum of $33.60 per course. In the event the course does not have credit the Learner Service Fee will be applied based on the number of credits that would normally be applied to the course using the credit value formula. The Fee is tax deductible and is refundable when a student withdraws before the class withdrawal deadline. The Learner Services Fee is used to enhance student services that benefit students at all JIBC locations.  These include library services, technology improvements, and student support services. 

There are some additional fees in programs with special teaching materials or venues.

In addition to a program or course fees, students can expect to pay for:

  • books and materials
  • in some programs, a uniform or specialized equipment or clothing

Please note that all fees listed on our website are for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. International students should contact the Student Service Centre as international fees will apply.

Other Fees (where applicable)

  • Application fee - usually $75 but higher in some programs
  • Commitment fee - a non-refundable, non-transferable fee that reserves the student’s seat in the program. If the commitment fee is not paid when the student is given acceptance, the seat in the program may be forfeited
  • Withdrawal or transfer fee, when that transfer is at the student’s request. Fees for some online courses are non-refundable.
  • Transcript fee - program graduates are provided with one copy of their official transcript for free; additional copies are available for a nominal charge.
  • Prior Learning Assessment and Transfer Credit fees - these charges vary by program area; applicants are encouraged to contact the program area to discuss the current charges for these services.


Specifics of refunds for JIBC students are provided in our Refunds Procedure, which is part of our Tuition Policy.

Last updated June 16, 2017